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Dreaming:In and Out.!

Dreams often reveal feeling that we’ve hidden or repressed,because they are a reflection of our unconscious mind.Similarly each dream has a meaning and reflection to our thoughts this happens even when we fall asleep, our brain tend to stay active as if we’re awake and stimulate the brain to picturise our thoughts.

Every single face you have see in your dreams are people you’ve come across in course of your life.You never see unknown in your dreams.

Dreams are wonderful aspects of our life and they can be fun, entertaining, romantic, disturbing, frightening and sometimes bizarre.

Here’s something freaking about dreams:

#1: Inventions inspired by dreams:

  • The idea for Google -Larry Page
  • Alternating current generator -Tesla
  • DNA’s double helix spiral form -James Watson
  • The sewing machine -Elias Howe
  • Periodic table -Dimitri Mendeleyev

List goes on.!!

#2: A life time.

An average human being spends 6 whole years of his/her life dreaming.

#3: Eyes don’t matter.

Blind people can dream. People who became blind after birth can see images in their dreams and those who were born blind dream as vividly, however, instead of seeing images, they use their other senses such as smell, sound, touch etc. to dream.

#4: How long?

On an average, you can dream for about one to two hours every night and you can have four to seven different dreams in one night.

#5: Dreams or nightmares related to unpreparedness, flying, falling, and public humiliation come from common human anxieties and seem to go much beyond cultural and socio-economic boundaries.

#6: Animals also have dreams.

Humans are not the only species that dream. Many animals also experience heightened brain activity and dream while they sleep.

#7: You cannot read or tell time in your dreams.
While dreaming, most people are not able to read or tell time in their dreams with accuracy.

#8: Both men and women experience arousal during dreams.
While it is often perceived that men experience more sexual arousal during dreams, both men and women experience arousal equally.

#9: There are differences in how dream characters are casted, based on your gender.
The majority of men tend to have all male characters in their dreams. However, when women dream, they have a more even mixture of males and females in their dreams.

#10: Where it starts.

According to Plato, dreams originate in the organs of the belly. Plato describes the liver in particular as the biological seat of dreams.


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